PDO Treatment


Before & 1 Month After

Lip Filler

Before & 1 Month After


Before & 6 Months After


Crows feet & Forehead

SkinStylus Microneedling Treatment

Before Treatment

This client was unhappy with her red and pebbly appearance under her eyes and the dark spots and creases on forehead.

After Treatment

After four weeks of the initial treatment the client had a noticeable improvement of her complexion. 

Before Treatment

Vertical hyperpigmentation mark and horizonal stretch marks on 57 year old female client.

14 Days After Treatment

Client had been seen by 3 different dermatologists over the past three years with no success. Client was ecstatic to see the dark mark gone and an improvement in the appearance of the skin around the area.

Before Treatment

56 year old client unhappy with sun damage, age spots, crows feet, marionette lines, and wrinkles.

After 3 SkinStylus Treatments

Client is ecstatic about the marked improvement in skin tone, the absence of the age spots and sun damage, and how much younger her husband told her she looks.

Before Treatment

54 year old client discouraged with uneven skintone, age spots, lax skin, crow’s feet, and marionette lines.

60 days after ONE SkinStylus Treatment

With daily use of EstheCeuticals, client is delighted with her improved appearance! She loves her even skintone, fading of age spots, firmer skin, visibly reduced crow’s feet & marionette lines.

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