"Allen is great. I have been looking for a provider like him for years and it is a blessing to have him here in Artesia. He has helped me take control of my life and really goes that extra mile. He is always smiling, and better yet listens to me when so many other providers are so quick to just give me a prescription and send me on my way. I am very pleased with him and hope he stays for years to come!"

Full Circle Patient

"Allen was wonderful. He really took time to listen to my problems. Highly recommend him!"

Full Circle Patient

"For years thought something was wrong with me. I saw Allen and had my hormones optimized. My health and life have improved dramatically."


"I’ve seen Allen Ayers for Filler and Microneedling Services. I could not be happier with the outcome. My Skin is glowing and my lips look amazing! Thank you Allen."

M.M. Artesia, NM

"I cannot imagine life without Biote Pellet! Rather than choosing to accept my "natural" effects of aging, such as bone density loss, increased risk of cardiac disease, bad skin, moodiness, loss of hair health..... I found Full Circle Health and Wellness through months of research and I have been happy ever since! I feel great, my skin and hair look healthy and my family never has any complaints about my moodiness. Thank you, Allen Ayers, you and your staff have been such a blessing to me!"

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